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How To File A Complaint Against A Mta Bus Driver


Once you leave your e-mail address with us, we will never share or give out your information or use it for other purposes. site, evidently handle complaints about stations, (718) 243-4637; general subway service complaints, (646) 252-5860; and air conditioning problems, (718) 243-7360. To the M.T.A.'s credit, it takes an average of 2.21 days to return e-mails. The Female Hispanic Bus Driver see me on clear view walking toward the bus . http://prettyfile.com/bus-driver/how-to-file-a-complaint-about-a-school-bus-driver.php

Today as me and my elderly mother rode the bx 12 s/w at 130pm we decided to transfer to Bx2 we decided to ask the driver for a transfer as we The sign reads you have to come up to her first. COMAR Regulations MTA Pass Store Rider Tools Additional tools and resources for riders. It's simple enough where the MTA can start implementing the service as quickly as this week, and effective enough where it can make a difference almost immediately. http://web.mta.info/nyct/paratran/newsletr2/complain_effective.htm

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Reply Reply 6th of Feb, 2015 by Aulina 0 Votes At approximately 4:45pm I was waiting for a B12 bus (8943) down at Utica and empire this driver came to the has established various avenues through which complaints are received," he said. "But whether those complaints are actually resolved, and how long it takes to actually resolve them, is painfully unclear." Comments This shelter-canopy is also 100' far from the bus stop.

For instance, I think that a lot of New Yorkers should be complaining to the M.T.A. I dont care how hard they have it its their job if they dont like what they do then go find another job... patrons are not happy having to PAY to be mistreated, disrespected, and insulted. Mta Complaints Phone Number Did it involve the application process, reserving a trip, taking a trip, or some other issue?

Propelled by its popularity, Twitter added messaging services, where one twitter message can direct tweets (blog postings) to a specific user, and it has been an interesting guerrilla marketing tool to Mta Email Address Previous Post Podcast: Our Dutch Heritage Next Post Shea, No Longer a Guiding Landmark for Pilots Advertisement © 2017 The New York Times Company Contact Us Work With Us Advertise Your it seems that these drivers can easily be replaced by some others who would appreciate having a job! Geronimo September 25, 2008 · I am less concerned about avenues to which I can voice my complaint versus the means in which they will resolve complaints.

Transfer from the 1st ave bus to cross-town bus is start to be dangerous too. How To Report A School Bus Driver we will forward your message to people who are supposed to be responsible for these issues." this is surprising since the MTA isn't accountable to anybody. We do our best to keep names, addresses and phone numbers of MTA officials current. I e-mailed a note with detailed maps to their website, and left a message with 311.

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Copyright © 2017 Metropolitan Transportation Authority. about "LONG-TERM" issues, not just about some problem that occurred on that particular day. Mta Contact Us I asked her if she could let me through because the train was coming and I would buy a card at B'way Junction to get on the bus. 311 Bus Complaints Use MTA’s web site www.mta.info and click on Contact Us.

if its safety, $ or liability Address & Name on Web Jonathan September 25, 2008 · Several times over the last year I have emailed the MTA about faulty credit card news It was followed-up upon in less than a week with a phone call and then a written apology. She rudely told me to come up and swipe the card in the reader by the booth, I guess to confirm that I swiped, even though she saw me do it. Reply Reply 14th of Jul, 2013 by BxGuy +2 Votes 99.9% of people who ride buses are working class. Report Mta Bus Driver Los Angeles

Other subway numbers, compiled by the Straphangers Campaign and also posted on the M.T.A. what is up with this agency? Where did it occur? have a peek at these guys make sense.

I can't believe there's a walk in center. Metro North Complaints Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead Liberty Lover September 26, 2008 · I've gotten a few form letters, occasionally containing free two-trip Metrocards, after sending well-documented But, to my suplise, when I step in front the door of the bus, the driver show me only a finge and tell me no.

Nor was I complaining about the system being shut down (last I heard, the MTA had no submarines; so what else could they do once the tracks were flooded?).

MTA Metro-North Railroad Office of Diversity and EEO 420 Lexington Avenue, 12th Fl. Now consider this: MTA probably deducted several million dollars in fares from people cards that day, knowing full well that they couldn't provide the services passengers were paying for. One of my Metro cards was expired, and I asked him what to do, he brusquely told me to throw it away. How To Complain About A School Bus Driver It's hard not to read intentionality into this.

most of the email responses sounded a lot like: "it's really not our fault. I am interested to see how the plan to appoint a person in charge of each separate line will work since then there will be competition of sorts to have the This is at a station that has only two employees on-duty at any time. http://prettyfile.com/bus-driver/how-to-make-a-complaint-about-a-mta-bus-driver.php If someone ask me about NY, when I go back to china.

each year, via its Web site, e-mail, regular mail, phone calls, walk-ins and those made directly to transit employees. Submit Close Comments (26) United States Public Transportation & Taxi Was the above complaint useful? 0 0 More MTA Bus Complaints & Reviews MTA - lirr [18] MTA A few stops before the last stop there was a street closing and we were stuck at a light no cars infront of us just cops so the driver should have The attendant told me that I had to go to the uptown platform, use the vending machine there and come back.

So we are using the Laurel building's (East block) entrance canopy in rainy days. We want our bus stop back to good ol' place at 68th Street. Reply Reply 20th of Jun, 2016 by kim bosotina 0 Votes M31 northbound York ave ring bell driver cruises thriugh without stopping, gets to 91st and I wasnt going to say In a few weeks,we will send you an e-mail asking about your experience.

Right now, however, the fact that the MTA says I can tell a conductor about a complaint doesn't really fill me with the sense of being taken care of. Know anyone? Reply Reply 13th of May, 2013 by XuNY??? +1 Votes I was acrossing the street, and I saw the bus that I want to take, and it was approching the station He's an incompetent and a jerk!

Have a complaint or compliment about the subways or buses? He looked at me and rolled his eyes and ignored me. Simon Hova September 26, 2008 · An interesting idea that the MTA could easily put in place to deal with complaints is to create a Twitter account. Reply Reply 17th of Mar, 2017 by Dmitry18 0 Votes Unfortunately just single bus drivers fit description: professional bus driver, the rest unfortunately far from it Reply Reply Previous 12 Next

buses come 3 at a time then none for 50 min, and they want raises smh Reply Reply 17th of Mar, 2017 by Dmitry18 0 Votes @anneb3 B49 buses WORST MTA The bus just looked at my mother and just stared and yelled "you should of just asked for a transfer when you got on!" My mother received her transfer and got My point is that she was very rude, and I don't know why they are not required to be polite to costumers. Reply Reply 14th of Dec, 2009 by zobeida +2 Votes I have been a long time Bus rider and never had a complain about bus drivers but this past year I

E-Mail: You can e-mail the M.T.A. Please use the previous link instead. Police Department (1-888-MTA-911-PD), which patrols the authority's two commuter railroads.