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How Much To Tip A Cab Driver In Seattle


February 23, 2009 loans Here's my strategy: if the cabbie was efficient, I round up to the nearest $5 over the customary 15%. The journey from SeaTac Airport to Seattle city centre will take around 25 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic. February 23, 2009 Mr. wage than I do at a fast food place. http://prettyfile.com/how-much/how-much-to-tip-cab-drivers-in-seattle.php

I also leave a couple bucks for housekeeping every day. I feel bad not giving any tip at all February 23, 2009 Melvin it depends… sometimes the cab driver whines too much about things/location and it pisses me off… i give This ensures a few things. No tips = min wage or less.

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I usually base my tip on whether the driver gets out of the car to help you with your luggage or not and generally tip more on the 15% side. I tend to hope it teaches them a lesson, or maybe makes them scamming tourists less economical. I generally set the tip here at a $5 minimum or $2 for your first bag and $1 for each additional one. School Fundraising Ideas I didn't realize how global this blog was until today when almost half of the comments are from the UK.

For instance, you know that you should always tip your waiter and your valet attendant, but what about the hardware store employee who helps carry supplies to your car? If a cab driver is nice then I’ll tip them at least 20%.The driver should have respect for the person that’s in the cab and if they’re smoking and talking on I tipped him 10% because he was so annoying and embarrassing and he CALLED me TWICE on my cell phone to complain about his tip. How Much To Tip A Newspaper Carrier Weekly Seattle Traveler Articles getting to Seattle Premium Outlet or to Tulalip Casino without a car?

February 23, 2009 Webkinz I have a family friend in Vegas and he is a cab driver there, and an honest one at that. No Tipping Seattle That would also go for mail carriers, garbagemen, etc. February 23, 2009 Adamxcl I took a cab back to the San Francisco airport on Saturday and the fare was only $33, where everything I was told and read said it https://www.yelp.com/topic/seattle-visiting-seattle-how-much-to-tip-and-where Reward your driver with a few extra dollars if he makes record time or manages to avoid an accident or traffic problem.

But even if you were why not take the tip to make up for having to sit there with a rude person. How Much To Tip Newspaper Delivery Person Monthly Car Rental Advice How to Protect Yourself When Renting a Car Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car? Most places have luggage carts and self-service elevators and you do it yourself. I'm a firm believer in tipping for good service.

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You already pay him your taxes, why give them more? http://www.ihatetaxis.com/airport/SEA-Seattle-Tacoma-Airport/Seattle-Tacoma-Airport-taxi-service I do a good job, and while tips are generally accepted, don’t make a fuss if it isn’t there. Tipping In Seattle 2016 Tip more if he gives you insider advice, such as where to go for extra-cheap drinks or the best time to see a particularly popular place. How Much To Tip Newspaper Carrier Monthly The Doorman - He is your source to catching or hailing a cab if you are in a hurry to get back to the airport or around town.

Should I Tip Him. this content It can be faster but actually costs more. February 23, 2009 Mike 10% February 23, 2009 Chis I suppose that it is a cultural thing, but I really don't understand the Americans necessity to tip everyone. July 18, 2010 Body Scrub Recipes : cleaning supplies should be environment friendly too, choose cleaning supplies which does not harm the environment"* October 27, 2010 Can Crusher · cleaning supplies Tipping In Washington State

Do you really want to be squished up in the back of a prius? A lot of people also expect us to converse with them, and after12 hours behind the wheel that too can be a chore. Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse. weblink We provide the transportation and connections, you pay for your room/cabin and meals.

Having made the expensive move to Seattle, I dont have a lot of money to splash around, but at the same time I want to be fair to people. What Is The Etiquette For Tipping A Newspaper Carrier Report inappropriate content Katzgar Davie, Florida Level Contributor 11,187 posts 2 reviews Save Reply 4. Are you supposed to tip?

And if so, how much?

By the end of this private shore excursion, you'll know Seattle like a local! February 23, 2009 Tran Harry I must say I've worked at restaurants before and relied on tips to get by and it makes you appreciate tipping more so. School Fundraising Ideas That show is pretty stupid, especially the after hours one. How Much To Tip Newspaper Carrier Christmas d April 2, 2010 Make Money Online Tips We really cant help that can we?

Alternatively, a taxi from SeaTac to Seattle can be arranged by using the taxi phones in the baggage claim level. Since I am an owner operator, I am responsible for my own maintence, permits(they do get expensive. 300-500 every quarter), vehicle saftey inspections, fuel, car washes, etc. Report inappropriate content Helmszee Melbourne, Australia Level Contributor 60 posts Save Reply 10. check over here Those who do, get my personal number and are virtually guaranteed a ride.