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How To Become A Good Taxi Driver


You cannot see behind you. And god forbid, don't be so busy on the phone it slows you down or seems to dangerously distract you. Summary These are but a few techniques all drivers should study very carefully, and practice with diligence. Just because I'm at a tourist location doesn't mean I'm a tourist and don't know where I'm going. http://prettyfile.com/taxi-driver/how-to-be-a-good-taxi-driver.php

Also, they tend to prefer major roads, which may well be significantly slower than back roads.posted by CrayDrygu at 6:42 PM on April 3, 2007 Personally, I can't stand it if That said, you should leave the left-wing radio off as well.)posted by spaceman_spiff at 10:25 PM on April 3, 2007 Do not twist your head around and leer at your single He quickly discovered that some drivers were more reliable than others. As private hire can only take pre-booked passengers, a radio is a must. http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Taxi-Driver

How To Make Money Driving A Cab

Security camera equipment is a necessity for some, especially those working graveyard shifts who are likely to experience intoxicated passengers. Do you know that welders are in heavy demand right now in the US, and they can make as much as $60,000 per year. Typically however, you'll be looking at quite a long working week often within the region of 60 hours or more. A taxi, or otherwise known as hackney carriage (black cab) can be flagged

No Tickets – Drivers must typically have no unpaid tickets in order to get certified. 2 Train to be a taxi driver. Don't be distracted. The only requirements are:[22] A license Age 21 or older A car model year 2000 or newer (2005 in some cities) Background check Method 3 Being a Successful Taxi Driver 1 Pros And Cons Of Being A Taxi Driver Anything and everything that could help me be a better cabbie would be appreciated.

Find out if there have been recent accidents or attacks that involve cab drivers, and be vigilant at all times. Taxi Driver Tips Tricks He said that he had learned from trial and error -- and found that most areas of his life worked better if he had a simple system to follow that produced Remember, this is a daily portion of your " personal safety plan". 19) Never take more than 4 passengers This is a major safety factor for you. Do not drive when tired or otherwise impaired.

Better still, try to find a business or area that a million other cabbies haven't already latched onto. Richest Cab Driver That’s why being a cabbie is not something that is to be taken lightly. Giving out cards can boost your business by creating repeat customers. 5 Know the town. My biggest tips did *not* come from being seen and not heard.

Taxi Driver Tips Tricks

Do not weave through traffic. http://www.taxi-library.org/gord28.htm The more time you spend driving, the higher risk you are to insurance companies. How To Make Money Driving A Cab Prostitution - your legal guidelines Needles - the extreme danger of drugs/disease Hostility and negativism You and your part. Driving A Taxi For A Living Pretend that he is just a regular customer, you are giving him change, and sending him on his way.

In Boston, drivers average about $200 gross per day, meaning they would take home only $60. have a peek at these guys Working for a company means you will make less money per client, but it also comes without the prohibitive start-up costs. Good Health – Drivers often have to pass a health exam to assure they have no conditions that would endanger passengers. Make sure the oil and water are up, and the windshield washer fluid topped up. Is Taxi Driver A Good Job

Why dont these drivers realize that, just like in those other jobs, new taxicab drivers must invest their own time and money to learn the business well enough to make $60,000 Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. This does not mean that you WONT make any money for yourself in your first week, only that you should be prepared not to. check over here While the average earnings are only $10.97 per hour, experienced drivers can earn twice that.[1] To become a successful taxi driver, you will need to get the proper training and certification,

Every day is different. Taxi Driver Safety Tips But I don't want to be jerked around in the back seat of the cab when they take off too fast from a stop light/sign, or nearly rear end the car What if I said that being a real estate property appraiser is a great job, and pays around $60,000 per year, but you first have to go to class for six

Here's something I forgot to consider - lots will depend on whether you have a partition in your cab.

Taxi Driving Lessons Taxi Test Training Taxi Test Manoeuvre Taxi Driving Insurance FAQ Taxi Test Questions and Answers Taxi Test Routes Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions International Drivers Tips Driving Instructor Taximeter tests to ensure your metre is accurate (if you have one). Bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bottle of water from home every day instead of going to Burger King or Taco Bell and spending $5 or $10 for Taxi Drivers Problems There are also your passengers.

How many you give out, and to who, depends largely on how busy you are and how large an area you cover. However, driving for many hours each day may to some become monotonous. Twenty years before their time, these vehicles were the first wheelchair-accessible taxicabs. this content Honesty There are a lot of taxi scams out there that help drivers earn more in a shorter time, such as taking the long route, but remember that a cheater never

It doesn't matter if they use a hands-free device or not, it makes me feel like they're not paying attention. I drove a cab for 3 years (I just stopped last summer), and I'd be more than glad to share with you everything I learned. People would much rather get a ride from that nice guy who told the great story than roll the dice on a stranger.posted by Roman Graves at 1:56 AM on April The reason is simple: To greet them as a customer and send a subtle message to them : "I see you - you see me - I can identify you and

If you are a terrible storyteller, terminally shy etc then just being polite and minimal will be fine too. Driving a cab is a hustle. Wait a few weeks, or a few months. Tests cover topics such as: Routes Landmarks Boundaries Cab requirements Business practices Non-discrimination Customer service 4 Acquire the necessary paperwork.

I suggest that as you drive, make a mental note of each street you turn onto, read the street signs. As for knowing which way is fastest i am learning slowly everyday i am hoping a GPS will help me figure out how to get there quicker. He then went on to tell me his story -- one of the most unusual stories I have ever heard . . .